Since its creation in 1976, the VERNIS sawmill is recognized as a specialist of the white oak and “precious hardwood”.

She is settled to Cousances-les-Forges, on 3 hectares site near the most beautiful forest from the Northeast of France.
Its three main activities are : sawmill, trade and planing. Our sawmill started producing winemaking staves.

Cuttings put on sale by the ONF (National Forest Service) are carefully selected by our buyers, only batch presenting an important  percentage of first choice are held.

Quality criteria are also : the grain, diameter and straightness.


> 12 employees
> 3 Million Euros of Turnover
> 15.000 m³ of white oak bought every year
> Sawned volume : 8.000m³/year sawed to square edged for flooring, kitchen cabinet or furniture
> 4.000m² of storage building
> 2 dryers
> 700m² of air-conditioned building

PEFC Sawn Timber